If you haven’t seen Gravity yet, I highly recommend you go see it right away.  Preferably in 3D and at an Atmos theater.  I’m generally not a fan of 3D.  During the blurry, headache inducing 3D previews before the movie, I was starting to regret my decision to see it in 3D but once the movie started I quickly forgot my concerns.  The 3D combined with the atmos playback made for a nearly virtual reality experience.  The directors use of long cuts and POV shots also played a huge role in the immersive experience and allowed for a lot of creative and unconventional panning.  See my previous post on sound design in single take shots.    Here’s a link to an article that talks more about this as well as more about the score and sound design in general.  Also check out the SoundWorks video embedded in the article.


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