Learning Fmod & Unity

The number of free online resources for learning these days is really incredible. Since it can be a bit of a challenge wading through all the options I thought I’d share a sort of “course of study” for learning game audio for Unity and Fmod.

I started off with the following Unity 5 tutorial. While I’m not trying to be a game developer (at least not at the moment), I do want to be comfortable enough to open up a project and navigate around. This beginning tutorial helped me do that.

To further my Unity chops I moved on to the Space Shooter tutorial project on the Unity website. This got over my head pretty quickly so I skipped over certain sections.

Then I focused on the audio specific tutorials for Unity here and learned more about setting up audio listeners, audio sources, mixers, mixing groups etc.

After feeling reasonably comfortable with Unity 5, I moved on to FMOD. The official FMOD page has a great set of tutorials. If you’re familiar with working in DAWs like Pro-Tools or Logic, the basics of FMOD are pretty intuitive and easy to pick up.

Once I was familiar with the basics of both programs, it was time to put them together. Luckily, there’s a series of tutorials for that as well. These videos and accompanying Unity and FMOD demo projects can be found on the Indiana University website here.

My next goal is to learn more about FMOD and Unity integration. Specifically how FMOD integrates with the new Unity 5 mixer section and mixer snapshots. I’m also very interested in audio for VR. I’ll post later about some of my research into that topic.

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