Sound of the week = Epic Stapler!

Epic Stapler

     I was zeroing out the vocal booth after a recording session one day and for some reason I found myself walking past the microphone with a stapler in my hand. So of course I stopped for a moment to see what kind of sounds I could get out of it. This is the sound of me thwacking the stapler against the side of my hand and letting the internal mechanism jangle about.

      unprocessed stapler

With some processing to really bring out the spring sounds, it sounds like this.

      louder stapler

That’s a pretty cool sound on it’s own, but I took it a step further and layered together a bunch of processed versions of that sound to create something much bigger and more dramatic.  The following sound clip plays through each of the layers seen in the image below.  First, you’ll hear the sound run through iZotope’s Iris, then the same with added reverb, then the same sample played through Iris again at a higher register, then the sample heavily bandpassed to bring out one resonant note, then a version processed to accentuate the low end, then a pitched down version of the bandpassed note then finally everything mixed together.

      processed stapler

Viola! Epic stapler!

This sound is included in the “Cinematic Impacts Volume 1” SFX pack available for purchase on my downloads page.


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