Instruments and Sound Effects by Brendan J. Hogan

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  I have instruments and SFX for sale below.  If you would like to get some of these for free, then simply “like” my Facebook, then go to my FB page and click on the “Coupon” tab along the top of the page right next to the videos tab.  This will get you a $5 off download code which you can use upon checkout.  This is enough to get 2 or 3 products for free!

Please note that the full version of Kontakt 4.2.5 required for using the Kontakt instruments.  All newer instruments and FX are recorded at 48Khz 24 bit.  I have included the samples for each instrument as raw files for easy access.  They have not been encoded or saved in “monolith” mode.   Please read the license agreement before downloading.



Like the old fashioned blown bottle sound but with beat box style vocal sounds.  54Mb uncompressed, 6 octave range, 2 times RR, 5 velocity layers,  three different articulations for “Buh”, “Tss”, and “Kah” vocalizations plus breath sounds.  
      Bottle Beat Box Demo




A set of four conspicuously digital drum kits, full of unique and curious sounds, covering over 13 octaves in total.  Also included, are versions of each drum kit programmed with effects for some radically different textures.  8 instruments all together.  210 samples.  53Mb uncompressed.  Full version of Kontakt 4.2.5 or higher required.  
      FreqM Demo
Impacts Small
 Twenty Five individually designed booms, bangs and cinematic impacts.  Available within a Kontakt instrument and as individual wav files.  
      all 25 impacts
From the AtticSmall
A collection of older instruments from earlier blog posts.  Not as polished as the new ones but there are still some great sounds and very playable instruments here.   Thirty one of them to be precise!  118 Mb uncompressed.  Kontakt 4.2.5 or later required.  
      From The Attic Demo




12 instruments and two multis.
All made from nothing more that two drinking glasses.  
16.9 MB uncompressed.  
I made these for my very first blog post which you can read here.  
      Glasses Demo Song
Five simple instruments made from recordings of bubbles being blown into a glass bowl.  Four melodic variations and one two octave drum kit. 17.2 Mb uncompressed.  Kontakt 5 or later required.



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