What services do you provide?  

I now do business under the name Impossible Acoustic along with my business partner Jamie Hunsdale and a small team of trusted collaborators. My specialties are sound design and music composition. Jamie’s specialties are sound design, Foley, and voice acting. We also frequently provide voice casting and recording as well as 5.1 mixing, game audio implementation and 3d audio mixing for VR. If what you’re looking for something sound related there’s a good chance we can help you out. 

What kind of work have you done?

I have worked as a session engineer in large studios. I’ve worked on my own from my home studio. I have created music sample libraries and sound effects sample libraries. Now I run a business called Impossible Acoustic. We do sound for commercials, tv, film, games, VR, art installations and other interactive content. 

Click here to look at my film credits on IMDB.  A large selection of work examples are available on the main page and on my video page.  My sample libraries are available for sale online here and here as well as on my own site here.

What is your music background?

 I studied music theory and Ethnomusicology at The Evergreen State College where I got my BA.  I also have degrees in electronic music production and audio engineering.  I played piano in the school jazz band as well a number of other rock bands you’ve never heard of.  

Can you provide references?

 Yes, there are a number of references on my contact page.  I’m also happy to provide further references upon request.  

Have you won any awards?

 Yes!  I won the 2012 Local Sightings award for best score in a short film for my work on “Pretty Face and Green my Eyes”.  I won the 2010 Silver Medal for Excellence for short film scores at the Park City Film Music Festival for my score to the short film “Guilty Shoes”.  I won the 2013 Van d’Or Award for best sound design in a short film. My sample library “Violence” won the “Music Tech Innovation Award” from music tech magazine.  Both my sample libraries have received rave reviews.

What do you charge?

Every project is unique. Please feel free to contact me and after a short conversation I’m confident we can come up with a plan that fits your budget. 


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